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"Imagine if literature was under a century old and 95% copywriting. That is, almost all the reading material we had available to us was post-WWII sloagans and print ads. Novels, poems, essays, memoirs—all niche and rare, and unknown even from as recently as the 1920s. Occasionally you might read a genuinely funny ad, or a moving one that brings a tear or two; daffodils can blossom even in concrete. But overall the pressures of copywriting—to sell a product, first and last—make achieving such effects a secondary goal. This would be a time of fantastic opportunity, as nearly every great and even mediocre work of literature would be yet unplucked from the ether. But also a miserable time, if you imagine what sort of culture would coalesce in the midst of a medium like that. I think we don't need to stretch our minds too much to picture such a thing—we have it right now in games."

The rest is here: https://www.milky.flowers/writing/let_games_run_free.html

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