A downloadable short story

(Background: This is Sonic Generations x Final Fantasy VIII fanfiction. I've never played any of the Sonic games aside from Sonic the Hedgehog 1 & 2 for the Genesis, or experienced any of the other related Sonic media. I've played other Final Fantasy games, but never Final Fantasy VIII.)

The balmy sun shone down on a reclining 44.28-year-old Rouge the Bat, suntanning on a lawnchair on a balcony of her infinite mansion. An endless swimming pool glittered behind her down below. She was smoking a pink Nat Sherman and drinking a margarita on the rocks. Like, literally on the rocks—there were three ice-cold Chaos Emeralds from the freezer in her glass.

A 7.93-year-old Selphie was perched nearby on the fence of the balcony, staring out at the horizon. "One of the 23.68-year-old Rouges said she was going to bring me a Ms. Moogle's Cake back when she runs errands tomorrow," she said. "I can't wait! I wish I had it right now."…


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